What is Tplinklogin.net?

When a user wants to change the settings of his router or wants to setup the router then he needs to open the admin or configuration page of the router. To log into the router admin panel, you have to use tplinklogin.net. Enter this web address into the address bar of your browser window. Make sure your computer is connected to the respective router network. But there are some changes in this web address, the new routers of Tplink do not use this address for the tplinklogin. The new web address used to login into the router is tplinkwifi.net. Tplink lost control over the old domain and provided the new domain to the users. Some users are still confused in both of these. But these domain use the IP address behind them, this is beneficial for the router owners.

The default IP address used is We will now discuss the steps on how to log into the router.

How to log into a Tplink router?

The internal web server also called as web-based management page of the router does not require internet access. But the connection of the router to your computer is required. The connection can be wired or wireless. Follow the steps given below for Tp link router login.

  1. Open the internet browser from the device connected to your Tplink router and then enter the default IP address or web address. The default IP address is or default web address is tplinklogin.net or tplinkwifi net. Use either of them and you will then see the login page of your router.
  2. At the net log in page, type the username and password. The default login details will be printed on the product label of your router. Enter the same and you will get redirected to tp link router admin page.

Press the login button and you will see the admin page. From here, you can change various settings of your Tplink router. We recommend you to change the password as soon as your setup is complete. Security is the main concern here. To change the password of your router, please follow the steps given in next section.

Best features in a Tplink router

  • MU-MIMO – it stands for multi user- multiple input multiple output: this features enables the device to communicate with four devices at once. Rather than waiting of devices, it simultaneously provides data streaming to four devices.
  • Dual- band and tri-band routers: today tri band routers are in trend. These tri band routers provide the maximum speed using its two 5 GHz band and 2.4 GHz band. Dual band is also useful for users which want high speed internet at their home.
  • QoS (Quality of Service): this feature prioritizes the devices according to the usage such as gaming, applications, Ethernet LAN port or MAC addresses.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports: these are the fastest ports which transfer data from one device to another in the network.

There are many other features which make a Tplink router the best in the market.

How to change the admin password of your Tplink router?

After setup tp link router password can be changed by following these simple steps.

  • Launch the web browser and type the default IP address or web address to get the login page.
  • Enter the username and password. The default 168.1.1 username and password admin. If you have changed the login details then enter the changed one.
  • Go to management then access control then password.
  • Enter your old password in the field given and then enter the new password and confirm the same.
  • Click on the save button to save the settings.

The password has been changed successfully.

Tplink WiFi extender

Firstly, there are only routers to provide the internet access. The areas where there is no internet access or if your router is unable to cover the whole area then you have to install another router of the same cost. But these days extenders are available that are used for extending the current range of the router. Tplink WiFi extenders are one of the best extenders that are capable of covering your entire home or office.

Working of a Tplink extender

An extender is a device used to boost already existing range of your router. There are many areas in your home which remain untouched by the wifi signal. To access the internet in these areas, a wifi extender is used. An extender takes the signal from your router, so you have to place it in the range of your router’s WiFi signal then it transmits the same to the areas where there is no signal. You have to place the extender midway between your router and the dead zone. The LED lights are there on the front to tell the proper functioning of the extender.

How to setup Tplink range extender using WPS button?

It is very easy to setup a range extender using WPS button. For tp link wifi extender setup, follow the steps given below.

  1. Turn on your Tplink range extender after plugging its adapter into the power outlet.
  2. Locate and press the WPS button on your router or access point first and then immediately press WPS button on your extender or repeater.
  3. Wait for around two minutes. You will see the LED light turned on your extender. If the wireless signal is off after two minutes then the connection fails. If it is there then the connection has been established successfully.
  4. After the successful connection, you can change the position of your extender.

If you get issues while the setup using WPS then you can setup the same using Graphical User Interface of the Tplink extender. You must know about tplinkrepeater.net web address to perform the GUI setup. This is the default web address by using this you can setup the extender. Connect your Tplink extender to the computer and router. Open a browser and in the URL bar of the browser, type tplinkrepeater.net. A login window will pop out asking for username and password. You are performing the setup, so enter the default login details. Click on quick setup button and continue the process. Select the language in the next section. Then it will scan for available networks near you. Select the network which you want to extend. Enter the password for the same network. The network gets extended.

If you face any issue while performing the setup of Tplink extender or Tplink router then give us a call or chat with us live. We are having a team of technicians, who can solve your router issues like tp link extender log in issue, wireless connection cannot be established etc.

Troubleshoot your Tplink extender or Tplink router

We are here explaining a number of issues related to your router and extender and providing solutions for the same. If you have any issues from the below mentioned then to solve the same, follow the solution mentioned thereafter. If you have issue other than those mentioned below then chat with us live.

  • Unable to access range extender using web address tplinkrepeater.net: to solve this issue firstly check the connection between your wifi device and range extender. We recommend you to make a wired connection. Directly connect the wireless or wifi device to the range extender. Try to access using the IP address. Check the DHCP list to confirm the IP address of your extender. Another issue can be you are mistakenly putting the tplinkrepeater.net in the search bar not in the address bar. Please correct it if this is a mistake.
  • Getting weak signals from the router: If this is the issue you are facing with your router then make sure the cables are inserted properly and all the connections are tight. If there is wireless connection then make sure it receives signals where it is placed otherwise change the location of your router. Try again after changing the location.
  • Forgot admin password: if this is the case then you have to reset your router to factory default settings. Same is the case with Tplink range extender. If you are unable to access net login page then reset the extender. To reset the extender or router, find the reset button on router or extender respectively. Take a paper clip and press it for 10 seconds and then release. Now, try to access the admin panel using default settings. You can now be able to access the configuration page also called as basic home page of your router or extender.
  • Tp link wireless repeater setup is not done successfully: if you failed while setting up the Tplink repeater then there can be many causes for this. One of the main problems is your connection is loose or if this is a wireless connection then make sure you are connected to the right network. 192 168 0 1 wireless setup sometimes causes issue because of DHCP.
  • If you are done with the setup but still cannot be able to access the internet: to check the internet status in this case, open the configuration panel of your Tplink router by using tplinkwifi.net. After opening of basic home page, go to network then DHCP server. Disable the enable DHCP server and click on save button to save the changes you have made.

How to configure TCP/IP component for windows XP?

Before starting this process, make sure Ethernet adapter is working.

  1. Click on start displays on the taskbar.
  2. Go to control panel and click on network and internet connections. You will see the network connections tab, click on it.
  3. Click on the properties by clicking the right click of the mouse. Double click on the internet protocol (TCP/IP) showed in the displayed window.
  4. IP address tab gets opened on the screen. See the properties you want to.

Enable obtain IP address automatically for your ease. If you have any other issue than the mentioned above then get in touch with us.

Importance of firmware update or why it is needed to update the firmware

When your WiFi speed gets slow down what you do, you turn off and on your router. But the reason for slow internet speed can be your router’s firmware. So, keep up to date the firmware for security reasons. Firmware update can be set automatically so whenever a new firmware or an update is available, it gets downloaded itself and then you won’t get an issue. If you want to do it manually then also there are options. You have to log into the Tplink router to perform the firmware update manually. But you may encounter issue while opening the admin page so it is better to enable the automatic update.

Getting issue with your Tplink extender or Tplink router

If you are facing issues with your Tplink router or Tplink extender then make us a call or chat with the experts live. The list of issues is mentioned below for which you can get a solution from us. The team of technicians is available 24/7 to solve your problems. Let’s discuss some of the issues.

  • net is giving an error message.
  • net is not opening.
  • A user is getting an intermittent connection from the wireless router.
  • There is no connection from your Tplink extender to your wifi devices.
  • Wireless router LED lights are not showing proper status.
  • You want to know about how to update the firmware.
  • How to change the admin password of your router or extender.
  • How to access the admin page or dashboard of the router or extender.
  • You forgot the login details. How to open the admin panel now.
  • How to find the login details of your router or extender.
  • How to reset the router or extender if you want to set the login details to default.

There are many more than the mentioned above. You have to just relax and make us a call. You will get the solution from the experts in no time. Follow the solution if you have any issues that are having solutions given above. For any other, get in touch with us.